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Description: The French government has given protesting residents until Wednesday tom move into the new housing, before bringing in bulldozers to destroy a third of the 'Jungle' camp in Calais.

France brings in bulldozers to smash a third of the Calais Jungle after migrants REFUSE to move into new £20million housing because 'it looks like a prison camp'

France has given protesting Calais refugees two days before bulldozing a third of the notorious Jungle camp, after 1,500 refuse to move into new government-built housing.

Jungle residents reject the new £20million camp, designed to accommodate 1,500 refugees in powered and heated converted shipping containers, complaining that it looks like 'a prison'.

However, French police today served the protesting refugees with eviction orders, telling them they have until Wednesday night to vacate their tents before bulldozers level the camp on Thursday.

A migrant walks among the tents and huts of the makeshift camp called 'The Jungle' next to the fenced area made of containers recycled in rooms to host some 1,500 migrants in Calais

A worker walks past converted containers, complete with power sockets, heated towel rails, toilets and washing facilities

A man and his son arrive at their new home - a room in a converted shipping container - but many refugees have refused to move in

Despite the much improved living conditions in the new camp, Jungle residents have refused to move, claiming to want to stay put in their makeshift tents.

'Community leaders', in the Jungle released a statement earlier today, 'respectfully declining' the local government's orders to vacate a third of the camp.

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France by Roger J. Wendell

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