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Description: Baicheng City, a unique plain city, is valued for its natural scenery, which makes it a rising tourism city.

Baicheng is located at the junction of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province and Nei Mongol Autonomous Region, which enjoys superior location and convenient transport. Baicheng has a long historical standing. According to archaeological investigation and historical document, there were footprints of human activity in Baicheng in late Paleolithic period about 12,000 years ago.

At present, Baicheng is a boom city famous for its ecological environment, and it has an abundance of natural resources, wind power resources, hydro-power resources, land resources, reed resources, petroleum resources and wildlife resources. Featuring beautiful ecological landscape, peculiar human landscape and abundant natural resources, Baicheng is ranked as the ecological construction demonstration area by the state.

Baicheng has 2 national-level natural reserves including Xianghai Nature Reserve and Momoge National Nature Reserve. Xianghai Nature Reserve is the world’s first-level wetland and home to red-crowned cranes, which features various primordial ecosystem, such as lakes, water areas, cattails, reeds, marshes, grassland, sand dunes and hackberries. The Momoge National Nature Reserve with a long standing reputation is the breeding place of lots of rare and precious birds, such as white cranes, white storks and red-crowned cranes.

Baicheng City is located in the northwest of Jilin Province, in the west of Nenjiang Plain and in the east of Horqin Grassland. It adjoins Qian Gorlos Mongolian Autonomous County and Qian’an County of Songyuan City in the east and southeast respectively. It adjoins Changling County of Songyuan City in the south, and adjoins the Nei Mongol Autonomous Region in the west and northwest.

Baicheng enjoys temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. It has long, windy, dry and cold winters, and short, rainy and hot summers. The rainfall concentrates in summer. Autumn is relatively short and pleasantly cool. The annual average temperature is 4.9°C.

The forest coverage of Baicheng is 11.6% and the area of wetlands is 377,600 hectares. In Baicheng, there are 2 national-level natural reserves and 1 provincial nature reserve. The natural reserves in Baicheng are all inland wetland and aquatic ecosystem types. Nen River, Tao River, Zhaolin River and Emutai River flow into the natural reserves.

In the natural reserves, there are 600 species of plants and 296 species of birds including the national key protected birds, such as red-crowned cranes, white-naped cranes, white cranes, white-headed cranes, white storks and great bustards. In the natural reserves, sand dunes, forests, grassland, marshes, rivers and lakes are alternatively distributed, forming diversified wetland landscape. In 1992, Xianghai Nature Reserve was ranked into List of Ramsar sites.

Covering an area of over 50,000 hectares, Donggou Wetland Hunting Area is a natural hunting area approved by the Ministry of Forestry. A multitude of rare birds and animals are inhabited here, including 36 varieties of animals and 46 species of water fowls, such as wild ducks, swans, red-crowned cranes, pheasants, hares, roe deer and Mongolian gazelles.

According to the comparison, the water surface, reed area, the yield of reed, appreciation of the natural landscape and sensibility of original scenery of Yuyangdian Reed Tourist Area outdistance that of the famous Baiyangdian Lake. In the tourist area, there is Yuyangdian Mongolia Village. In the north of the village, there is a vast of cattails and reeds, which is the paradise of fishes, frogs and wild ducks. In the east, there are mountain forests and ancient trees, which is the paradise of pheasants, hares, foxes, cats and raccoon dogs.

In the tourist resort, there is a multifunctional national park that shows the lifestyle, history and culture of Mongol nationality. The park includes a Khorchin national park containing 39 Mongolian yurts. The yurts can accommodate 500 visitors simultaneously, which are the larges yurt group in Jilin Province.

Bao La Wen Du Mongolian village is located in the southwest of Tongyu County in Baicheng, boasting over 600,000 apricot trees. In March and April each year, fallen apricot blossoms scattering and flying around like snow flakes, which is the unique natural scenery in China.

Huayan Temple consists of the great Buddha hall, Goddess of Mercy hall, abstinence hall and Buddha recitation hall. The great Buddha hall is the most resplendent and magnificent with the building area of over 700 square meters. During the dharma assembly, the great Buddha hall can accommodate thousands of visitors participating religious activities. In the hall, there are 3 giant Buddha statues with the height of 7 meters.

Baicheng has a long historical standing with a large number of ancient sites and ruins. There are 7 provincial-level officially protected monuments and sites, including the twin pagodas with the height of 12 meters. The pagodas are Lama Pagodas built in the early Qing Dynasty, which are one of the few historical buildings in Songliao Plain.

Xianghai National Natural Reserve is located in Tongyu County of Baicheng with the area of about 106,700 hectares, featuring the typical grassland landform. It’s 45 kilometers long from north to south and 42 kilometers wide from east to west. The reserve abounds with various natural and ecological resources, including over 20 species of woods, 200 species of herbaceous plants, 22 large-scale marshes, about 100 small-scale natural marshes, 20 species of fishes, 173 species of birds, 6 species of cranes and 3 rivers running though it. The rare and precious birds include red-crowned cranes, white-naped cranes, grey cranes, white cranes and swans.

Momoge National Nature Reserve is located in the northwest of Baicheng City, about 78 kilometers from the downtown area, which is the typical wetland nature reserve type. It’s the national 4A-level scenic area with the marsh area of 50,000 hectares and water area of 30,000 hectares. The nature reserve has abundant wildlife resources, including 600 species of plants, 52 species of fishes, 295 species of birds and 25 varieties of animals. There are 10 species of birds that are under first-grade state protection and over 40 species of birds that are under second-grade state protection, such as red-crowned cranes, white storks and white cranes.

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