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Description: Gemma, Filipino caregiver from Bade City, would like to become a/an Au Pair & Senior Caregiver in Denmark, Norway from Oct 2015 to Dec 2017 - 679983

Hire 27 Year Filipino Au Pair & Senior Caregiver living in Taiwan available for job in Denmark & Norway

I am GEMMA PACOT DURAN,27 year old a Filipino,Nursing by profession and working as a caregiver here in TAIWAN. I was born on 19th April to a Christian family catholic by faith.I came from family of it.I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

I'd practice my profession as a Nurse in hospital for 3 months the reason why I gave up my because I did not earn from it,but it doesn't change my passion of taking care of the sick,seniors and children and a well people.I work as a PRIVATE NURSE at DOHA,QATAR.Taking care of the old muslim woman,who has a common illnesses of old people is present to her, including COPD, HPN, DIABETIS,ON TRACHEOTOMY,ON NGT,BLIND DUE TO UNSUCCESSFUL EYE SURGERY. My job its seems scary but its very challenging and self-fulfillment in maintaining her blood sugar,blood pressure in normal ranges.All aspects is my duties and responsibilities from the food preparation, hygienic and grooming, the environment and of course her health, doing passive range of motion exercises and if my patient is asleep my boss have a kids so I play with them and take care sometimes especially during ramadan.There household worker is so busy nobody will look after with the kids so i voluntary get the position because i feel happy taking care and playing with them ages 10, 8, 4 and 2 the youngest and he princess of the family,I feed her ,change diaper and put her to sleep .That's my work last june 13,2011 til july 30,2013.

Now I am working here at TAIWAN as a caregiver in TAIWAN PROV.PRIVATE JINREN MENTAL INSTITUTION CORPORATION wherein my patient are PERSON WITH DISABILITIES (PWD), taking care of them from feeding. bathing, clothing ,teaching simple words,enhancing some of there talents like singing,dancing. drawing, reading because every person has its unique talents that needs to enhance, develop and well guided.

I have develop a strong sense to work hard for the rules and responsibilities given to me in the time demanded.This experience that I want to pass to my future host family and their children if given a opportunity to work with them.For how many years working with a child its a pleasure taking care of them, when you know what makes them happy when they are having a tantrums,when you can teach them how to be good and to do good and being a good example to them.My devotion in working with the child makes me perfect candidate as a au pair for your family.Lastly, I am preferred for working hours that would allow me to attend language class in order for me to communicate very well to the host family.

I will be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you to answer whatever question you may have to me or my child and ill and especial child care experiences.when it comes to leisure I take pleasure in the simple things in life.I enjoyed being with friends and family,going to beach and going to church to attend mass.Going to park playing a strenuous activity a sort of exercise.

As I received a mail that "danish family is looking for a FILIPINO au pair I immediately response to it, because I know that I am capable to work and i am a perfect candidate for the said position.I strongly believe that my experiences working abroad with the ill people, person with disabilities and child plus my skills,talent and knowledge would make me a perfect and better au pair for your family.Also ,to know about your family interest and your expectations.,attached herewith are some of my pictures for your perusal.

Thank you very much for your interest in my application! LOOKING FORWARD TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.GOD BLESS

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