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The town of Adel Bagrou is in south-eastern Mauritania, very close to the border with Mali. If you are looking for somewhere remote to visit, this should fit the bill. There are no other towns around for more than 100 kiometres and the roads to Adel Bagrou are barely maintained. It will be an adventure getting out there, though you will be rewarded with the beautiful and stark desert scenery of Mauritania.

The closest airport for flights to Adel Bagrou is actually in Mali. The Bamako-Senou International Airport (airport code: BKO) which is about 320km away. Most flights to Bamako will have two connections when coming from Johannesburg, but you can get a single 1-stop flight with Ethiopian Airlines. They have a transfer in Addis Ababa. South African Airways is another option though their route stops in Accra and Lome. With connections in Windhoek and Accra, you can also fly with Air Namibia.

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As a nation, Mauritania is exclusively Muslim so modest clothing is recommended for tourists. Languages spoken in Adel Bagrou include Arabic and French. English is not very common so you should not expect to find many people who will be speaking it.

The main reason tourists come to Adel Bagrou is to see some parts of the world that few visitors ever see. The desert landscape is seemingly barren and rugged, which offers a good opportunity for hiking or 4x4 jeep excursions around the town. Take care when you go out into the desert on your own though. Carry plenty of water and extra provisions because there are few people around to assist you should you get into any trouble.

This park is in Mali, but since it is just outside of Bamako, you may be passing by if you have arrived at the Bamako Airport on your way to Adel Bagrou. The park, which is connected to the Badinko Game Reserve, is home to many animals such as elephants, leopards, baboons, lemurs and several species of antelope including the gazelle.

The town of Nema is north of Adel Bagrou, and though it is also very small, there are additional resources there such as larger hotels and places to buy supplies. Overall, there is not much more in Nema than in Adel Bagrou though the rockier landscape in the area offers a new bit of scenery if you are doing any hiking.

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