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Description: Suriname is a small country, situated on the north-east coast of South America. To the west is Guyana and to the east is French Guiana. A former Dutch colony, Suriname holds many remnants of those

Suriname is a small country, situated on the north-east coast of South America. To the west is Guyana and to the east is French Guiana. A former Dutch colony, Suriname holds many remnants of those days. Until 1499 the sole inhabitants were Amerindians. During the 16th century French, English and Dutch settlers moved in. In 1664 a large group of mainly Portuguese Jews came from Brazil and started their sugarcane plantations at Jodensavanne. In 1667 the Dutch swapped New Amsterdam, nowadays known as New York for the English territory in Suriname. In 1863 slavery was abolished, and indentured laborers were shipped in from India and Indonesia. A few other smaller groups came in from other countries, which explains the cultural diversity of this South American country. Religion (a mosque next to a synagogue), cuisine, clothing, traditions, architecture and music: the visitor will never witness a more varied display of ethnic influences.

Nature is as diverse as culture. Most of the country is covered with dense rainforest. One also sees white savanna, meandering rivers, wild rapids and an untouched ocean beach. Suriname is well known for its enormously varied bird population. Amongst other small mammals there are many monkeys. And three species of sea turtles lay their eggs on the coast of Suriname. A splendor of flowers, beautiful orchids and majestic trees will be a feast to your eyes.

People: 35 % East Indian, 32 % Afro-Surinamese (Creoles), 15 % Indonesian (Javanese), 10 % Bush Negroes (Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves), Amerindians, Chinese, Dutch and others

Language: Dutch. Most people understand and speak English. A wide variety of other languages and dialects are spoken. Sranan Tongo is the unofficial main language

Religion: 27 % Hindu, 25 % Protestant, 23 % Roman Catholic, 20 % Muslim. The Suriname Jewish Community consists of app. 200 members

Currency: The Surinamese Guilder. Credit cards: only American Express is accepted in a few places. Cash US $ is better, or Travelers Checks. Please don’t exchange your money in the street!

Climate: Tropical, very humid. Temperature 28 °C (80 °F). Short dry season: early February – late April; short rainy season: May – mid-August; long dry season: mid-August – early December; long rainy season December – January

Direct flights by air, by KLM and Surinam Airways (SLM). Tel. (800) 327-6864, based in Miami, Florida:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Miami, United States of America / Belem, Brazil / Aruba / Barbados / Cayenne, French Guiana / Georgetown, Guyana / Port of Spain, Trinidad / Curaçao

One could travel via Cayenne, French Guiana (e.g. from Paris, France), since this may be a lot cheaper.

Visa (which are required for almost all nationalities) can be applied for at the nearest Surinamese Embassy or Consulate. Apply for a two-month, multiple-entry-traveler visa.
  • Surinamese Consulate Miami – 7235 NW 19th St. Suite A, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. / Tel. (305) 593-2166. Fax: (305) 599-1034. E-mail: .
  • Surinamese Embassy Washington – Van Ness Center, Suite 108, 4301 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington, DC 20008 USA. Tel. (202) 244-7488.
  • Surinamese Consulate Amsterdam – Tel. 00-31-(0) 20-6426137 or 00-31-(0) 20-6426717. Fax: 00-31-(0) 20- 6465311. E-mail: . WHAT TO BRING
  • Clothes suited for warm and humid weather, cotton will do fine
  • Something with long sleeves and long pants that will cover as much skin as possible: if mosquitoes attack. Don’t forget the socks!
  • Mosquito repellent. Whatever you do: don’t scratch, an infection is easily caught
  • Raingear
  • Sunglasses, sun block, cap. Especially on the water the sunburn can be nasty
  • Shoes that can be washed: the mud leaves stains and will surely end up on your shoes if you’re planning on visiting the historical sites
  • If you wear lenses or glasses: take an extra pair along
  • Film material for your photo camera, handy-cam - they might not sell your brand or type of film
  • Binoculars For getting there: Contact the Suriname Jewish Community. See IMPORTANT ADDRESSES. Any cab driver can take you to these sites too. A lot of maintenance work and research is currently being done on the cemeteries.
  • The Portuguese Israelitic synagogue Sedek Ve Shalom (1735) The interior has been loaned to the Jewish Museum in Israel, where it will be on exhibition sometime next year. The building shell can be viewed from the street.
  • The High German synagogue Neve Shalom

    For getting there: Contact the Foundation Jodensavanne, the Suriname Tourism Foundation, Wild Coast Expeditions. See IMPORTANT ADDRESSES. You can reach Jodensavanne (and Cassipora), located along the east bank of the Suriname River. App. 60 km from Paramaribo either by car or by boat. Take food and drinks along, and whatever else you need. There are no shops in the area, except for a small bar / shop in the Amerindian village Redi Doti, app. 1 km from Jodensavanne.

  • Jodensavanne: ruins of a Portuguese Sephardic synagogue Beracha Ve Shalom (1685)
  • Jodensavanne: Portuguese cemetery, 452 stones (in use until 1871)
  • Jodensavanne: Freeholder’s cemetery, also known as Creole cemetery
  • Jodensavanne: several ruins of buildings such as a mortuary. Most of the fundaments (from for example a bakery and several houses) are still overgrown and need to be cleared since they are not accessible in this condition
  • Jodensavanne: a spring with healthy water (and another in an area that has to be cleared)
  • Cassipora: Portuguese cemetery, 215 stones

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